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Are you ready for the eurphoric magic and mischievous explosivity? If yes you are ready to explore the 8 documented Challenges of Pullup Orchestra.

The Song «Alles Scho Mol Ghört» as free download provides the first frontal attack on your dance center. Have fun with it!

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Challenge #1: 8 Hours Non-Stop Music

Eight hours live show on April 17th 2015 at Salzhaus Winterthur. Watch online or live our determination and perseverance. Come to spend the night with us on our sound! Online streaming starts at 3pm on and contains many surprises – it is worse watching more than one time!

Challenge #2: 8 Streetshows in 8 Cities

May 8th and 9th 2015 we will tour through 8 Swiss cities and play one of our energetic streetshow. In each city there will be a prominent friend joining us on stage!

Challenge #3: 8 Shows in private Gardens-/Living rooms

We will visit 8 gardens or living rooms for an intimate concert. You want to share our new BRAP album with your friends only? Then secure a private concert with your contribution to this project!

Challenge #4: 8 Preview shows on bare Festival areas

What else then an adventurous documentary on the Pullup Orchestra to make the spring flowers bloom? This project takes us on the bare fields of 8 wonderful festivals in Switzerland.

Challenge #5: 8 Videoclips

What comes after 8 crazy years? Eight more crazy years of course! We’ll pack our new album in eight video clips to start this next decade.

Challenge #6: «THE BRAP LP» unplugged

We play the burning energy of «The Brap LP» unplugged at the theater Molton in Winterthur.

Challenge #7: 8 Remixes

This year, eight remixes will be created from our new album.

If you want to do a remix of one of our songs from «The Brap LP» get in touch with us:!

Challenge #8: In 8 Countries on 8 Channels

For our final challenge our songs will be played in 8 countries on 8 different channels.